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A Commitment to Excellence
In Homebuilding

PERLCO HOMES has taken great pride in the thousands of homes we have designed and built in the Washington, D.C. area since our inception. We have proven to be one of the oldest and most successful local builders and land developers in this area.   Our company dedicates itself to a few select  projects at a time, making sure our team of experts can attend to the important details that reflect their commitment to fine craftsmanship and natural landscape.  PERLCO HOMES is managed locally by experienced  third generation family members who have a vested interest in the businesses, homes and  neighborhoods that we build.

Our history in the building business began generations ago in Russia, where our great, great grandfather was a successful brick mason who taught his trade to his children who later became carpenters and eventually builders.  In the early 1900s, our grandfather, Morris Perlmutter, arrived in New York and followed his older brother to Denver, Colorado where they became very successful land developers and home builders.  Eventually, our grandfather moved to New York and continued building hundreds of homes in the boroughs of New York. He also built apartments, schools, firehouses and churches.  During World War II, Morris moved to Washington, D.C. and began building apartments, schools and homes in the D.C. metropolitan area.

After our father graduated college from Virginia Polytech Institute with a degree in Civil Engineering , he immediately entered the army.  While serving his tour of duty during World War II as a Captain in the Glider Division, it was his job to build airstrips and housing for our troops in different areas of France and Germany.   Upon his return to the states, he settled in Washington, D.C. and joined his father’s real estate and construction company.   

As we continue the third generation of PERLCO HOMES, our philosophy has not deviated from that of our father and grandfather whose practice of building custom homes meant working ethically and delivering first class quality homes.   There are over 3,000 homes and apartments built by three generations in the Washington Metro Area; all built to the highest quality. 

During their careers, they also enjoyed an excellent reputation in commercial and industrial real estate as well as land development for national home builders.  We have continued a commercial division in which we have built churches, a non profit family center with preschool, numerous office, warehouse and strip centers.  In addition, we have built research and development labs.

What has brought the most satisfaction to us is seeing families enjoying life in the homes that we have built.  We have enjoyed working with our repeat purchasers whose first house was their starter home and then they moved up to their larger dream home.  Our focus is designing and building affordable dream homes consisting of superior quality and maximum comfort while providing enjoyment, peace of mind and a lifetime of fond memories.  We provide personal service and creative approaches to personalize your home.  This approach has always been very successful for us in the past and we have not strayed from our father’s and grandfather’s philosophy.  PERLCO HOMES is very proud of our excellent reputation.

Our emphasis on creative and functional design, as well as preservation of the natural beauty of our environment has provided homeowners with a solid investment in homeownership and years and years of enjoyment in their homes and communities.  We conduct ourselves with courtesy, integrity, respect and honesty and we will continually strive to find attractive locations where you and your family will be proud to live. 

Our family came to America with a dream to become builders and our dream came true.  We know that everyone has hopes and dreams....Let PERLCO HOMES make your dream come true.  It will be our privilege to design, build and customize your dream home.


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